Borislav Traikovski Biography - Gallery

Borislav Traikovski was born on 15.06.1917 in Bitola. In 1937 he went to Belgrade where he studied at the Technical School majoring architecture. In 1941 the war interrupts his education and returned to Bitola. From 1944 to 1947 he worked as an art teacher in elementary school. In 1951 Traikovski, Korubin and Lozanovski were first Macedonian students who completed the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Every year, Traikovski was in a different class of teachers, because he often came into conflict with them regarding freedom of expression and style of painting. Taught by professors George Andrejevic Kun Ljubica Sokikj, Costa Hackman and Ivan Tabakovic. After the completion of education, worked as a professor of art education in high school in Bitola, Center for professional education Koco Racin and Pedagogical Academy. As a member of DLUM was on a study trip to Italy in 1954, and as a fellow of the fund Mosa Piyade study tour in Paris in 1961. With 1960 Traikovski is the originator of the modern artistic life in Bitola, DLUB first president and one of the group members VDIST. Other: Winner of October 11 for lifetime achievement, the Order of the Republic and the award November 4 - Award of Bitola. He participated in many exhibitions and colonies in Macedonia, Yugoslavia, France, England, Italy, Greece and others. His works can be found in almost all museums in Macedonia, more museums abroad as well as in many private collections at home and abroad. He died in 1996 in Bitola.