Vladimir Simeonov Biography - Gallery

Vladimir Simeonov was born in Kocani 1985. In 2000 he enrolled in secondary art school in Skopje - majoring painting. Secondary education completes the class teachers: Angel Gavrovski, Gazanfer Bajram and Zarko Jakimovski. Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje continues after one year break after high school. She used to participate in Zografski team reflection frescoes for the new temples around the country, then to participate in the team Gligor Cemerski making monumental mosaic monument Kocani freedom, end to devote intensive preparations drawing and entrance exam. Fakuletetot enrolled in the class of renowned professor Blagoja Minister, in his class finishes studying and attached diploma work. Simeonov has so far achieved more custom projects and solo exhibitions in Kocani Kavadarci Bitola and Skopje. His biggest individual project is painting in the 250 meters at the temple Assumption of the Virgin in the village. Saramzalino. Followed: reflection icons for the iconostasis in the church of St. John the Forerunner in G. Pad Kocani; joint participation in the painting of 1000 square meters scenery for the children's ballet Dr. Ofboli; artistic performance with a colleague Manuel Tasevski "burial cigarette"; along with Boyd and Tasevski portray paraphrase Sistine Chapel to twenty meters kvadtratni and mounted vault Irish Pub street Macedonia in Skopje; through Macedonian - Russian Society of Kocani organize international colony of young artists from Macedonia and Russia, and even other smaller projects. His particular pride is the biggest prizes of Small Montmartre of Bitola: Gold range, Grand Prix and a guest without competition. All three received in eighth grade from his primary schooling and considers the major impetus for his current way of life - a life with art. In 2011, he won the award "Petar Mazev" from the Society of Artists in Macedonia (DLUM).