Emil Sulajkovski Biography - Gallery

Born jn Skopje 1969. Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje; Pedagogy department,art section in the class of prof.Ana Temkova, in 1992.Postgraduatet studies from FFA – art section in the class of prof. Rodoljub Anastasov, in 2001,Member of Macedonian Association of Fine Arts(DLUM) since 1993.




1995-Skopje,Cultural informative-center,(KIC)Skopje

1998- Ljubljana,Art Gallery at the business center of “Lek” Ljubljana

-Skopje,Cultural informative-center,Skopje

-Ohrid,Ohrid museum”Robev’s house”

-Belgrade,Singidunum Gallery

2000-Kumanovo,Art Gallery

-Bitola, Art Gallery

2001-Skopje, Skopje Fair

-Skopje,Cultural informative center, skopje


2004-Nish-SCG,Cultural center of Nish

2005-Skopje,Cultural informative-center, Skopje




1993-Skopje, IV Biennale of young artists,

Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje

1994-Skopje III Winter salon of DLUM,Art Gallery-Skopje

-Skopje, XI Small scale paintings,KIC-Skopje

1995-Skopje,IV Winter salon of DLUM,Art Gallery- Skopje

-Skopje,XII  Small scale paintings, KIC- Skopje

1996- XIII Small scale paintings, KIC – Skopje

1997- Skopje VI Winter salon of DLUM, Art Gallery- Skopje

- Skopje XIV Small scale paintings ,KIC –Skopje

1998- Skopje, Art exile-’98, Art Gallery Skopje

-Kustendil (Bulgaria), exhibition of VI internacional art colony “St. Luka”, art gallery Vladimir Dimitrov-Majstorot

-Skopje XV Small scale paintings KIC –Skopje

1999-Skopje, 46th Annual exhibition of DLUM , art Gallery of Skopje

-Skopje, Portrait- Selfportrait, exhibition hall –DLUM

-Skopje, Landscape, exhibition hall- DLUM

-Skopje, II Macedonian small scale art, exhibition hall DLUM

-Skopje XVI Small scale paintings KIC- Skopje

2ooo-Skopje VIII Winter salon of DLUM, MCA- Skopje

- Skopje, Portrait – selfportrait, Exhibition hall – DLUM

- Skopje, IV SIAB, City museum of Skopje

- Skopje, Landscape, Exhibition hall – DLUM

2001- Skopje, Portrait – selfportrait, Exhibition hall – DLUM

        - Skopje, “Me and the other”, MCA – Skopje

2002- Skopje, IX Winter salon of DLUM, MCA, Skopje

        - Skopje, Art colony TOGETHER Kitka 2000, KIC – Skopje

        - Nurnberg(Germany), Art colony TOGETHER Kitka 2000, Ehrenhalle

        - Skopje, Art improved the time, KIC – Skopje

        - Skopje, Macedonia – Culture bridge, KIC – Skopje

        - Skopje, XIX Small scale paintings, KIC – Skopje

2003- Skopje, XX Small scale paintings, KIC – Skopje

        - Skopje, Ukrainian and Macedonian artists, KIC – Skopje

2004- Skopje, X Winter salon of DLUM, MCA – Skopje

        - Skopje, “Together with art”, KIC – Skopje




1997- Art colony “Matejche 97” – Kumanovo

1998- V Internacional art colony “Kichevo 98” – Monastery of Knezino

        - VI Internacional art colony “St. Luka” – Kustendil (Bulgaria)

2000- Internacional art colony “Dojrana” – Gevgelija

        - Internacional art colony “Kitka 2000”




1994- “St. Ciril and Metodius”, Skopje University Award for – best graduate

1996- Award of the audience at the Exhibition XIII Small scale paintings at KIC

1999- Diploma for the most successful student between the two jubilees (1989-1999), on the occasion of the “50th Annivesary of St. Ciril and Metodius in Skopje

        - “Konstantin Mazev” – Award for young artist of the Exhibition XVI Small scale paintings at KIC – Skopje


His works are making part of private and public collections as follows:

Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hezegovina, Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, England, Ireland, Poland, Finland, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Russia, Turkey, USA, Canada, China, Norway, Singapore, Japan and Australia.