Vangel Kodjoman Biography - Gallery

Vangel Kodzoman, painting artist, one of the founders of the High school of Arts in Skopje. Member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MANU). Born in 1904 in Struga. After the High School graduation he studied at the teachers’ department at the Art school in Belgrade. He taught in Ohrid and Belgrade and took part in the liberation and anti-fascist war on the Macedonian territory. After the liberation he was lecturer at the School of Applied Arts and the Pedagogy School in Skopje. One of the founders of the Association of the Painting Artists of Macedonia (DLUM). His paintings were created in number of different techniques: oil, aquarelle, water colors and drawings. Struga in the past and Struga of today subjects were his thematic interest and inspiration. In 1974 he was elected as a corresponding, and 7 years later as a full member of MANU. In 1974 at his birthplace he opened a thematic exhibition “Struga in the Past”. He received the highest Macedonian award “11 October” twice. He died in Skopje in 1994.